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9. Sınıf ingilizce Movies Test

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1-8. sorularda boş bırakılan yerlere uygun gelen kelime ya da ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.

Jack hates horror films because they - - - -.

  • A) have unreal and frightening images
  • B) are interesting and enjoyable
  • C) teach many things about our universe
  • D) are entertaining enough to laugh
  • E) help him learn about different cultures
  • Some movies have bad effects on children because they - - - -.

  • A) tell what a child can experience
  • B) are about the ideal person for the child
  • C) help them learn about different cultures
  • D) demotivate them about going to school
  • E) make the children really happy
  • My friend Emily is a vegetarian so - - - -.

  • A) she loves grilled meat
  • B) she is fond of roasted beef
  • C) she prefers eating vegetables
  • D) she always goes to the butcher’s
  • E) she is keen on meat and chicken
  • Mary : Why don’t we go and have lunch out?

    Jessica : I’m sorry. - - - -

  • A) What a great idea!
  • B) I would love to do that
  • C) It’s a great idea!
  • D) That sounds nice.
  • E) It is impossible.
  • Claire : How about seeing the Star Wars on Saturday?

    Mary : - - - - because I have to finish my homework.

  • A) That sounds great
  • B) What a good idea
  • C) I’m sorry but I’m busy
  • D) I would love to see that movie
  • E) I ‘ll definitely be there on time
  • Emily : - - - -?

    Mel : I would be happy to join.

  • A) Would you like to come to Susan’s party with us
  • B) Why do you look so happy this morning, dear
  • C) How often do you throw parties at your place
  • D) When does the movie start at the cinema
  • E) Who never comes to the parties
  • Sue : Would you like to have a barbecue in our garden at the weekend?

    Diana : Unfortunately, I can’t. Because - - - -.

  • A) that’s my favourite hobby
  • B) I’m going to visit my grandparents
  • C) it is an undeniable offer
  • D) I love eating in the garden
  • E) you tell me the exact time
  • Ruth : We are going to try hiking with friends this weekend. How about joining us?

    Betty : I think it is ridiculous. - - - -.

  • A) That’s a beneficial activity
  • B) It is the most useful activity
  • C) Walking is good for our body
  • D) I’m not really into these kinds of sports
  • E) This is a perfect idea
  • One of your friends invites you to a birthday party but you have to finish your project. You want to refuse and say:

  • A) I think it’s fantastic
  • B) I’ll be there right on time.
  • C) I really like to join the party.
  • D) I would love to but I’m busy.
  • E) It is a good idea.
  • 10-12. soruları aşağıda verilen tabloya göre cevaplayınız.

    9.Sınıf movies test

    On Friday, Maria is going to go to the cinema at - - - -.

  • A) five past nine
  • B) half past nine
  • C) quarter to nine
  • D) nine to five
  • E) quarter past five
  • What time is Maria going to have a barbecue on Tuesday?

  • A) At quarter past two in the morning.
  • B) At quarter to two in the afternoon.
  • C) At quarter to two in the morning.
  • D) At half past two in the afternoon
  • E) At half past two in the morning.
  • Maria is going to - - - -.

  • A) watch a movie at quarter to twelve on Thursday
  • B) play football at quarter to twelve on Thursday
  • C) has breakfast at half past eight on Wednesday
  • D) watch a football match at quarter past nine on Monday
  • E) study at the school library all day on Thursda

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